Q: What is decorative concrete sealing/resealing?

A: This is the application of specific sealers individually designed for the specific surface. Any concrete sealer WON’T do.

Q: How often should I reseal my concrete surface?

A: Manufacturers of our products recommend that you reseal your concrete every 3 years. Applying sealer too frequently may result in sealer delamination.

Q: How long will the seal lasts?

A: As a rule, it is recommended that the resealing process be performed every 3 years. This may vary from surface to surface depending on many factors i.e. weather, wear and tear, poor surface maintenance etc. 

Q: I want to have my driveway painted, what are the options?

A: Many of our customers call and ask for their driveway to be painted. The products we use are specific to the surface to be sealed. We don’t use concrete paints or paving paints and strongly advise against it.

Q: I am looking for somebody who can do driveway rejuvenation, can you help?

A: Driveway rejuvenation, sealing or resealing is what we perform as our primary service.

Q: I am looking to find somebody in Brisbane or the Gold Coast that can rejuvenate my driveway, can you help?

A: We operate throughout Brisbane, down to the Gold Coast and into the tweed and Northern New South Wales region.

Q: My sealer is going white, cloudy and peeling, how can I fix this?

A: Cloudy sealer, whitening sealer, peeling sealer is referred to as sealer delamination. This can be rectified in most instances. On stamped concrete we can generally shave the delaminating sealer and then treat the surface with a specific product to melt and soften the existing sealer before application of the new sealer occurs.

Q: My stenciled concrete is looking patchy and has lost colour in areas, what can I do?

A: A full colour sealer can be applied in this instance to bring to the surface back to a presentable appearance.


Q: What are the things I need to consider before resealing my existing concrete surface?

A: What sealers have been applied previously, how frequently has the surface been sealed, have compatible sealers been used and has the surface been correctly prepared to maximise the chances of the best possible result.

Q: How often should I reseal/ recolour/ rejuvenate my driveway or concrete surface?

A: Again there are several factors to consider as a surface wears. 3 years is sufficient. 

Q: I have an old stamped concrete driveway and pathways that has lost its colour, what can I do?

A: Stamped concrete can be colour sealed to regain a new appearance. A partial colour tint can be blended to revive the “2 tone finish” that many stamped concrete surfaces had when they were first laid.

Q: How much will it cost to seal or reseal my concrete surface or driveway? 


A: Costings vary from job to job depending on what is required throughout the preparation and finishes required. We provide free quotes and a thorough explanation of what each job requires at the time of quotation. 

Please contact our specialist on 0418 881 219 for an obligation free quote. Alternatively, please feel free to write to us with any questions using the contact form here.

Q: Can you seal or reseal a steep driveway?

A: Yes, steep driveways can be sealed. We use a range of slip resistant additives and the coarse nature of these products vary from surface to surface.

Q: My driveway is slippery, what can I do?

A: A full range of slip resistant additives are available and each job is individually assessed to determine what is best and most suitable. Safety is a high priority when sealing surfaces.

Q: When can I drive on my driveway after it has been resealed?

A: We suggest that a sealed driveway be left to cure for 48 hours but don’t park a vehicle dormant on the surface for one week. Heat from car tyres can react and leave marks in some instances.

Q: I recently had my driveway resealed but the sealer has started peeling off the concrete surface, what can I do to fix this?

A: Sealer may need to be stripped in this instance. The cause needs to be determined.

Q: Can you seal, reseal, recolour or paint new concrete slab? 

A: Yes, a new slab can be colour sealed once the concrete has cured.

Q: Do you have photos of previous jobs you have sealed or resealed?

A: Yes. Please refer to the resealing gallery for samples of our work.

Q: What do I do to maintain my existing decorative concrete?

A: Decorative concrete can be lightly pressure cleaned at regular intervals to maintain a good quality surface.


Q: How often should I pressure clean my driveway or concrete surface?

A: Pressure cleaning can be performed when required.

Q: What type of surfaces can you seal or reseal?

A: We reseal stamped concrete, stenciled concrete, decorative concrete, pattern concrete, plain concrete, exposed aggregate, sandstone and pavers.

Q: Can you seal or reseal concrete around pool areas?

A: Yes. It is important in areas such as this to be mindful of slip factors and dealt with accordingly.

Q: How long does the sealing or resealing process takes?

A: Times vary from job to job. We generally pressure clean the day prior and seal the following day, weather permitting.


Q: How much does it cost to seal or reseal my decorative concrete or driveway?

A: Costs vary. Please contact us on 0418 881 219 for a detailed quotation.

Q: How much does it cost to pressure clean my decorative concrete or driveway?

A: Cost vary according to size and how soiled the surfaces are. 

Please feel free to contact us on 0418 881 219 for a free quotation. 

Alternatively, please feel free to write to us with any questions using the contact form here.

Q: My question is not listed here, can I contact you to speak to you directly about my decorative concrete or driveway?

A: Please call 0418 881 219 for any questions you may have regarding your pressure cleaning, concrete sealing,concrete resealing or concrete painting requirements as some customers request. 

Alternatively, please feel free to write to us with any questions using the contact form here.