Newcrete Resealers utilises the highest quality concrete sealers on the market that are specifically designed to reseal a broad range of decorative concrete finishes.

We specialise in resealing the following surfaces:

  • Stamped concrete

  • Covercrete/stencilcrete

  • All spray on finishes

  • Exposed aggregate/pebblecrete

  • Plain concrete

When you have your decorative concrete resealed by Newcrete Resealers, you can expect the following:

  • Thorough preparation of the surface to be sealed

  • Pressure cleaning (High and Low), determined by the surface we have to work with

  • Occupational health and safety awareness at all times

  • Thorough sealing process and applications to ensure customer satisfaction

  • Work site to be left in impeccable condition at the conclusion of works

Benefits of resealing:  

  • Enhances the existing surface, maintaining a new fresh look

  • Protects the surface from wearing

  • Repels moisture and protects against environmental conditions

  • Reduces ongoing maintenance costs

  • Increases the stability of the surface

  • Ultimately preserving your investment


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